It is important to have a slow cooker or a crock pot in your kitchen. It comes in handy for a couple of recipes. They are a great addition to the kitchen and they can cook sumptuous meals or desserts in a short time period. There are a couple of slow cookers to choose from, most are under $50 dollars so they are wallet friendly. It is a great idea for people who do not have enough spare time for cooking. Therefore, they can provide hot meals for a short time for the family. The best thing is that the slow cooker can be filled with all the ingredients, cover with a lid, the timer can be set then you can go do other things. The cooker turns on by itself at the set time and it starts cooking so once you get home food is ready. Cooking with slow cookers a is the best way to get healthier meals. The slow cooker at enables slow cooking so all the natural nutrients gets absorbed back in the food instead of being cooked out by the traditional cooking methods.


Since very little oil is used, you and your family can have healthy meals because you eat less fat. There are a number of meals that can be cooked with a slow cooker. It ensures that you get healthy meals and different meals every day if you desire. It is very convenient to use a slow cooker. Other utensils such as pots, pans and fryers are used minimally so you do not have to spend much time in the kitchen. Since you get to use less utensils, cleaning up in the kitchen is very fast. You will reduce the amount of water used when filling up the dishwasher and you do not have to hand wash utensils every time. For people who are not great cooks, using a slow cooker will be of great help to them. There are many recipes that can be cooked using a slow cooker. All that you need to do is follow the instructions and place all the ingredients that you need for the meal and leave it to cook. The cooker will do all the work. Using a slow cooker eliminates burnt food or food wastage among other problems that are experienced by people. Read more facts about slow cooker at



When choosing slow cooker with timer, consider the price and your family needs among other factors.